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How to use Isotine for best results

Ayurvedic Eye Drops

If you want to know the progress, please get your eye sight checked (before starting the Isotine treatment) with naked eyes as well as with existing glasses, if using, and thereafter new number of glasses.

Patients are suggested to note how many lines of testing Chart they can read (far and near) at monthly intervals.

Vision starts improving immediately and results appear in just 5 minutes. With the progress of Isotine treatment the patient will be able to read more lines of the testing chart and thus the number of spectacles will be reduced. The spectacle number (1 dioptre to 1 dioptre) whether +ve -ve, spherical or cylindrical are reduced certainly.

So after complete treatment new spectacle should be made.

40 to 90% vision can be improved which will be stable and in 40 to 50% cases spectacle can be removed.

Since 1988, several thousands of people have been benefited by Isotine Eye drop.

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